Fire Canyon Skip - Explanation and FAQ

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Fire Canyon Skip - Explanation and FAQ

Post by Ruh » 20 Sep 2019, 15:42

Fire Canyon Skip, or FCS for short, is the hardest RTA trick/skip ever performed in any of the Jak games. Usually, Jak needs to collect a total of 20 power cells before he is able to cross Fire Canyon on the Zoomer to get to Hub 2. FCS skips this 20 power cell requirement and saves 7 minutes.

FCS has made a lot of progress since the first version which required over 200 ledge grabs. The current version of FCS (FCS V2.5) however, uses a completely different method to reach the end.

Video links:

FCS V1 (ledge grabs)

FCS V2 (first infinite bounce method)

FCS V2.5 (second infinite bounce method)

Fire Canyon Skip Playlist

Fire Canyon Skip FAQ

Q: Why does Jak keep bouncing on the lava instead of dying?
A: If Jak bounces within the radius of a standpoint during FCS, the lava will bounce him to that standpoint automatically, or "magnetize" Jak to it. If there is no standpoint radius to bounce in, Jak will remain bouncing (even at 0 health) until the player moves him into a standpoint radius to initiate the death animation. The goal in FCS is to avoid all standpoint radii until the very end.

TL;DR - Jak can't die on the lava and will continue bouncing until he is in range of something he can die on, like an orb crate.

Q: Why do you start FCS with double jumping three times after loading?
A: When Jak is standing still, the game sets his last known standpoint to that location. When jumping, there's a 3 frame window after you land where Jak's standpoint is not yet updated. You are allowed to jump during this 3 frame window. The 3 frame jumps that we do at the very beginning of FCS keeps Jak's last known location "unknown" and allows us to bypass the fail safe that would bounce Jak back to solid ground.

TL;DR - Jumping as the game loads in keeps Jak's standpoint location set to unknown and allows for the bounce back bypass.

Q: Are there going to be any new categories because of FCS?
A: The Any% category that preceded FCS has been added to the leaderboards as No FCS.

Q: Who discovered FCS?
A: Bobbykaze, with help from Kuitar and LouiGi.

Q: What is the best time someone can theoretically get in Any% with FCS?
A: OutrageousJosh, the current Any% world record holder, has a 16:20 sum of best.

Q: Why do runners turn Jak backwards for FCS?
A: Jak moves slightly faster when he is bouncing backwards. No idea why.

Q: Why does the runner sometimes stop to take damage on a lurker?
A: If you get bounced over the first orb crate (sometimes referred to as Kuitar Bounce) rather than bouncing around it, the bounce will change Jak's position to facing forward. Taking damage on the lurker allows the runner to change Jak's position back to backwards so they can go faster. Also, the current setups rely on Jak facing backwards.

Q: I'm a new runner and I can't get Jak to start bouncing on the lava, any tips?
A: Any% with FCS is not a good run to start on. It's recommended that you start with No LTS, No FCS, or 100%. Fire Canyon Skip is in its early stages and still needs much work before it becomes run-friendly.

I'll add more questions as they arise...

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