Nibor Morfleur - Entire YouTube Comments Thread

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Nibor Morfleur - Entire YouTube Comments Thread

Post by Ruh » 02 Jun 2019, 21:56

OutrageousJosh gets the Jak and Daxter Any% world record time of 24:46 and uploads the video to his YouTube channel, Outrageous Gaming. The following is a comment thread on that video that was solidified in Jak history forever.

Copy pasted June 2, 2019

Nibor Morfleur: Well done, but don't cry like this man, why it should be so emotionnal, it's just a game (pretty easy if we don't count the glitches cause some are pretty hard to do like the one before lava tube) ! But you played well, and I think you could upgrade this speedrun and be more faster, maybe 1 or 2 minutes in less, I think it's possible.

Outrageous Gaming: When you put an absurd amount of time into something, then you'll understand why I cried over a run like this.

Nibor Morfleur: Well I feel sorry to don't have a proper way to record it, but if you knew me you would trust me. I'm a HUGE fan of ALL the jak and daxter series. And I played A LOT to all the trilogy and Jak X, even The Lost Frontier. I have been really active in the jak and daxter fan community, and if there is a game I know more than any other game, it's The Precursor Legacy. Your score is good, because there is the glitches and as you said in the video, you don't die. Well done my friend but you can do BETTER. It's all I have to say, I'm not here to say I'm better than you, it's not the point.

Outrageous Gaming: Nibor Morfleur record your 25 minute run any way you can, submit it (if you even know what that is), and then talk to me.

Nibor Morfleur: I know what this site is, why are you taking me for a noob ? You are not the only player of Jak And Daxter. I will, when I will have a new playstation. I promess I will make a rec. You'll see, 25 minutes, doing it like you do, it's easy.

Nibor Morfleur: By the way congrates for you World Record. (even if you can do better :p)

Outrageous Gaming: Nibor Morfleur when did you finish a run in 25 minutes, if you don't have a PlayStation

Ibslihibovic: yea honestly idk why he's all emotional and shit. It's 24 minutes and he used glitches and everything. I did it in 18 minutes without glitches..

Outrageous Gaming: Ibslihibovic LMAO IBS

Nibor Morfleur: Seems you are a genius lol. Ok. Trust me if I can, when i will have some free time and some money, I will beat your world record. Just to make you shit. You will cry, I don't fuckin care.

I had my playstation 2 in 2001, I sold it for 20€ at a store. Over years, I played to all the jak and daxter games. I've got all the orbs and all the stuff at 100%, on every game, for ps2 version and ps3 too. And I still have my memory card. But unfortunately for me i was forced to sell all of my games and my ps2/ps3/psp to get some money and live, because there isn't only video games in life.
That's why I don't cry for a game. Don't take yourself for a kind of pro gamer, because all around the world there is a lot a good speedrunners, and some are faster than you, and they don't particulary boast about it, even if it's a question of some seconds. I will beat you, when I'll get a playstation.

I grew up with this game, I have played it during years, more than you. I know all the secrets, all the glitches and shortcuts.

As djtomjak73 knows Jak 2 or Jak 3, me it's TPL.
So stop taking me for a little noobie please.
You think your score is the best ? Actually, yes it is.
It's just a question of time.

Nibor Morfleur: 18 minutes ? I'm asking to see ! ;D

Kuitar: Saying the run could be 2 minutes faster show a great lack of knowledge about the run... so does everything else you said tbh. So yeah without proof of that "25" you're completly irrelevant.

Outrageous Gaming: Nibor Morfleur alrighty make me cry then dude, you wanna tell the other speedrunners who are better than me to give me some tips? Apparently I have minutes of time to save

Ibslihibovic: @Nibor im so hyped to see you run, it's about time we got some good competition. Show these guys they're nothing. Hmu with your twitch and let me know when you decide to do runs dude

SixRockFire: Lmao one of these people again. I actually have a 22, I played without a controller tho

RuhPhorte: Nibor Morfleur you already know who it is, its ya boy Young Cash Register aka Lil Broomstick. Lemme tell you somethin about my boy Jak. Me and him go way back to when we were 7 years old, before he ever met that whack job daxter. We were the best in the game man, we wuz U N S T O P P A B L E. I know my homie Jak would never let himself sink to as low as completing his OWN GAME in under 24 minutes. Hes just not that kinda guy. Trust me, Jak is better than that. Take my word for it, we've been at it a looooong time.

MartianBlobfish: You guys got nothing on me, my uncle worked on Jak 1 and I got to to be there when the game was being developed, I got to tinker with the games code and unearth some juicy skips!
I've been sworn to secrecy by the higher ups in the Jak development team and I've been banned from running because of the fact my vast knowledge dwarfs the knowledge of even the top speedrunners, I am the artist, and Jak is my canvas.
All you casuals don't know nothing, get out of my hood you hear!

RuhPhorte: Nibor Morfleur i beat the game in 23 minutes thanks to my grandpas deck and having faith in the heart of the cards

Seth M: do yall know any good csgo gambling sites. oh wrong comment section

SixRockFire: Listen, once I get my NES back, I'm gonna beat your times, I found a new glitch where you go superspeed and I'm not telling you how to get it every time.

Outrageous Gaming: I'll be waiting :)

RuhPhorte: dude, in all seriousness, can i please have your autograph

Seth M: Nibor Morfleur youre the new meme king. I bow to you

xTVaser: k

Jonde Poka: Nibor Morfleur What mekes me believe you even less than not having any proof of you ever even playing Jak and Daxter is that in one comment you say something like "I love Jak I play it every day" not those exact words obviously, but in the next one you say that you sold the game, because you don't care. And you just keep making these mistakes as if you were coming up with a new story every time you write a new comment. Just to point out a few things: Knowing all the glitches in a game (which is not even possible if we want to think about it that far) does not make you a legendary speedrunner. Comparing yours to tomjak is ridiculous, because he actually helped the community get this far while you have been jakking your Daxter or something. Josh never even praised himself in these comments and you are implying that he called himself the best speedrunner, that he found all the glitches and so on. Also, I'm sure if you posted a video of you getting world record in this game and all these glitches that you know. We would know that you didn't lie about that, but you still wouldn't get any respect, because of the way you act. Good luck on runs.

SixRockFire: Piggleberry Trust me, you've unleashed my wrath, my curse has destroyed your jak "speed run" career forever.

Nibor Morfleur: Jonde Poka As I Said I dont speak english very well. So maybe there are grammatical errors. But yeah. I love jak and daxter, and I played to this game all over the years. I know everything, every little thing on the history series. Just ask me if you dont trust me. I have a lot of channels and when you put "jak and daxter" in the barsearch of YouTube, you will fall on one of my jak and daxter video in the first page. I have helped a lot the fanbase. I sold my PlayStation yeah that's true, i'm not gonna say why but I was in the need to eat. I still have my jak and daxter collection with games, jak 3 figure, guide, jak tpl press kit also, and I can't wait now to get a new ps2. And so if you think that the way I act is bad, I won't search to proove it to people who doesn't like me. And you know what ? I haven't to proove what I know already real. And what is real is that I can finish Jak TPL in more or les 25 minutes, if I use all the glitches in this video. And all these glitches are known since years so I think the Guy who made this video is a little bit overated.

SixRockFire: Ok I'll ask. How is an idle deload done and what does it do?

Kuitar: Damn dude you know about glitches before they been discovered, you must be a really good glitch hunter. Maybe you can help me out understand how Lava Tube skip works. Can you go into details on how it works since you found it before eveyone else? :o

Nibor Morfleur: I was speaking of djtomjak73 cause at the time I knew him personally. He's the best glitcher and surely the best speedrunner of jak 2 and jak 3. And so that's why it's actually impossible to get a better score than him on Jak 2 and jak 3 that so much people try Jak 1. He doesn't play Jak 1. If he was, he would have the world record.

Outrageous Gaming: Nibor Morfleur I don't know if you know this but 15 people have beat his Jak 2 run and 16 people have beat his Jak 3 run since he left. Sure Tomjak was good for his time, but he is nowhere near the best now.

SixRockFire: Nibor Morfleur You said you know everything about Jak 1. Tell me how idle deloads work.

MikeGamePro: goddammit, Billy what did I say about talking to the filthy mortals? Get back up to the clouds of the Jak gods and get that sub 10 like I told you to do 2 hours ago

RuhPhorte: Nibor Morfleur your accent is very much the sexy, where is the country you from? Please show bobs.

Subhan F: What did i discover,fuck the haters #outrageousgaminggangforlife

Evan Korach: Outrageous Gaming lol. I feel sorry for you to have all of these scrubs thinking they are the best in your channel.

RuhPhorte: Evan Korach actually nibor is the best

Outrageous Gaming: lol this is pretty normal for me :P I don't mind it really :)

Subhan F: Nibor Morfleur just ignore them joshsenpai

Subhan F: Outrageous Gaming funny how people are still here complaining when youve beeten this run twice XD

Soulfire Shadow: Some people just can't show some respect to the amount of time and effort you put into something, it doesn't matter what it is, specially when you're one of the best at what you're doing... it's just... so sad.

Soulfire Shadow: btw i think he holds the 100% WR so stop complaining about glichs.


Franzcorr: Came here to see everything with my eyes

WolfsInferno: Nibor Morfleur I did 22 mins beat that I posted it on my channel

WolfsInferno: Outrageous Gaming idk if what I did to get 22 mins was legal in the speed running community but I got it. It's a wr if I'm aloud to do this

TorpedoFTW: It was no problem! You got the moves, eh Josh?

KeybladeWXV: This remains as one of the funniest comment threads I have ever read ahahaha

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