Streaming Equipment for PS2

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Streaming Equipment for PS2

Post by Ruh » 04 Jun 2019, 17:30

People that start speedrunning on older consoles usually have a hard time finding out what older equipment they need to purchase that will allow them to broadcast their gameplay. This thread will provide links to the hardware needed to stream PS2 games using composite (RCA) cables and a CRT television.

The capture card that most people start off with is the GV-USB2. It's relatively cheap compared to most other composite supported capture devices and provides excellent capture quality with support for 60 FPS. The instructions are in Japanese, but there are plenty of video tutorials online that help walk you through the installation process.

You PS2 output composite cables will only be able to plug directly into one source (usually the television), so you'll need something to split the cables into two outputs. One output that goes to the television and another output that connects to the GV-USB2 so you can capture the gameplay on your computer. A simple method of splitting the output is to use Signal Stackable Composite Cables.

You then plug the double ended stackable composite cables into your television and the single ended composite cables into your capture card. After that, you should get a split audio and video signal that goes to both your television and your capture card.

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